• Does Inside Broadway work with students with disabilities?

    Yes, Inside Broadway is committed to working with students of all abilities. To this end our teaching artists are trained to work with students in D75 and inclusion classes.

  • Is Inside Broadway a DOE approved Vendor?

    Yes, Inside Broadway has been a vetted DOE Vendor for over 38 years. Our Requirement Contract number is Q11290K and our Vendor Number is MID030000.

  • Does Inside Broadway provide bi-lingual artists for ELL students?

    Yes, in most cases, Inside Broadway can provide an artist that is bi-lingual.

  • What resources can I use to pay for an Inside Broadway program?

    You may use NYC DOE Project Arts funds, Parent Association funds, Grant Monies from a city or state approved funder or a private funder.

  • Do programs have to be during the school day?

    No, Inside Broadway programs can be during or after the school day or on weekends.

  • What is included in the program?

    Inside Broadway provides all the necessary supplies for a program including supplies.