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Including arts education in the curriculum is a proven way to engage students who may not otherwise be engaged.

Experience Broadway with Inside Broadway!

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Inside Broadway’s goal is to introduce our city’s young people to the joys and advantages of live theatre. New York City is the theatre capitol of the world and every New York City public school student should have the opportunity to experience Broadway in their lives. Students will experience what it’s like to be in the spotlight and bask in the applause.

Inside Broadway’s flagship residencies will have your students starring in their very own production. Students in this program will learn all the necessary elements of theatre to build their own musical. These unique programs integrate all theatrical techniques such as choreography, voice, and acting while being conducted by a theatre professional who will guide your students to finding the star inside of them. Our fun and interactive residencies are designed to give your students a true theatrical experience. So raise the curtain and light the lights!

Inside Broadway’s fun, hands-on, interactive theatre residency programs bring theatre professionals directly into your school to develop an appreciation and understanding of theatre while creating an unforgettable experience!

All of our residency programs are specially created to fit each school’s individual needs. Our residency programs promote experiential and social emotional learning, encourage critical thinking and foster a sense of community. All programs link directly to the New York City Department of Education’s Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts for Theater.

Bring an Inside Broadway teaching artist into your school to create a uniquely tailored theater experience for your students. Contact us today!

In-School Programs

Build A Musical

Our most popular residency, Build A Musical gives your students the tools needed to present their own musical revue for the entire school community. Our professional teaching artists direct your students to take the stage with pride! Starting with the basic building blocks of musical theatre including acting, choreography and voice to tips that the pros use. Through participation in this program, students will gain self-confidence, interpersonal and language skills while learning teamwork and building community.

Popular Build a Musical themes

  • Broadway Rock’s The 80’s
  • Surf’s Up Broadway!
  • From Page to Stage!
  • Next Stop, NYC
  • Broadway Showstoppers!

Pre K to Broadway

PreK Students in Costume

Learning has never been so much fun! Our young learners are curious about the world and what better way to learn about it than through music and dance. Our hands- on, experiential learning approach to Pre-K education melds the content rich world of the Pre K curriculum with fun activities that build community, confidence, comprehension and language skills.

Popular Pre K to Broadway themes

  • Land and Sea: learning about insects and sea creatures
  • Seuss Sense: stories and songs from Dr. Seuss that explores responsibility and community
  • Cartoons to Showtunes: classic cartoon characters come to life on stage with music and movement

Recommended for Pre K ,D75 and Multi Lingual Learner students

Spotlight on Black History - All Aboard the A Train

This residency celebrates the great voices of the Harlem Renaissance through music, dance and literature and highlights the culturally rich decade that made Harlem home to Duke Ellington, Countee Cullen, Ethel Waters and Aaron Douglas. Students will discover the origins of Art Deco, Tap Dancing and Jazz while learning songs such as “It Don’t Mean a Thing if It Ain’t Got That Swing”, “Take the A Train” and “Hit Me With A Hot Note” to use in their own choreographed production.

Recommended for grades 1-12, D75 and Multi Lingual Learners

Spotlight on Black History - Celebrate the 60’s

This residency explores the ever changing world of the 1960’s from the civil rights movement to the first space flight. Students will learn about these important changes in society through the lens of the music that defined a decade and helped to shape a generation while making comparisons to our society today. Our teaching artist will work with your students to help them learn about this time in our country through song and dance.

Recommended for grades 3-12, Multi Lingual Learners

Spotlight on Careers in Theatre!

This careers in theatre residency is perfect for middle school and high school students who are thinking about the future! Working theatre professionals from different backgrounds will discuss and demonstrate their expertise while making curriculum connections. Some careers include: Producer, Technical Director, Set Designer, Performer and Marketing.

Recommended for grades 6-12

Hip Hop Broadway

During this high energy residency, students will learn about the musical and dance origins of Hip Hop while participating in this hands-on dance workshop. While Hip Hop is known for its distinctive style, it does have roots in other music and dance forms and is a unique form of storytelling. This program will introduce students to all of these elements and enable them to find new ways to express themselves.

Recommended for grades 3-12, Multi Lingual Learners

Sing Out! - Find Your Voice

Create a glee club in your school! This program will bring out the singer in everyone as many voices become one with Inside Broadway’s choral residency that promotes teamwork and community through music education. Using songs from classic Broadway musicals and popular music today, our professional teaching artist and musical director will guide students from novice singers to singing stars.

Recommended for grades 3-12, Multi Lingual Learners

Words Used Wisely

This residency uses spoken word and poetry to ignite the student’s creative process and encourage social development. Using themes from their own lives, students work with a Teaching Artist to compose a tapestry of thoughts that represents who they are while tackling everyday obstacles and challenges. Working on both group and solo projects, students will learn to find their unique voice while improving English Language Arts skills.

Recommended for grades 5-12 and Multi Lingual Learner students

Engaging Emotions Through Theater

This fun, musical theater based program is specially designed to support the Social Emotional Literacy component of your school’s classroom curriculum. Inside Broadway works with classroom teachers and related service providers to construct a program that uses theater games, music, dance and text to enable students to better identify and process their emotions. Goals for the program include improved communication and relationship skills, language acquisition as well a greater sense of self awareness.

Recommended for grades 1-12, D-75, Multi Lingual Learners

One World Tales

Let Inside Broadway open the world to your students through the art of storytelling! Explore other cultures through folktales that tell the stories and legends of other lands. Working with an Inside Broadway teaching artist, students not only hear tales from other countries and continents, but work together to create their own folktales that reflect their family’s unique culture. This program enables students to proudly share their culture while learning more about the diverse cultures in their classroom and beyond!

Recommended for grades K-8 and Multi Lingual Learners

The Gateway to America

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free” are the opening words on the Statue of Liberty. These words welcomed thousands of immigrants to the United States and NYC to begin new lives, but what did they really mean? This program guides students through the journey of immigrants through Ellis Island at the turn of the century and into the 21st Century. Through the use of music, dance and factual text participants learn about the contributions of immigrants to culture, industry and science. Students interview family and community members to find out more about their cultural roots and journeys and use this information to construct a script for the play. The program includes music and choreography to complement the student driven work.

Recommended for grades 3-8 and Multi Lingual Learners

5, 6, 7, 8…. Dance

Bring a professional dancer to your classroom to put your students through their paces! This fun, theater dance based workshop gives students a hands-on experience of what it takes to be a professional dancer. Working with a professional dancer, students learn dance terminology, proper dance form including body alignment, dance space and use of rhythm while learning original choreography to perform in a culminating event.

Recommended for grades 3-12, D-75 and Multi Lingual Learners

All the World’s a Stage - Shakespeare Shake-Up

Speak the King’s speech using text written by the world’s greatest playwright William Shakespeare. Students explore phonics and the etymology of words through the Bard’s plays. Utilizing context clues to interpret language, story and character while exploring themes, story structure and characters. This hands-on approach uses rap, poetry and iambic pentameter to help students understand and relate to the words of Shakespeare.

Recommended for grades 5-12

Build A Graduation

End the year on a theatrical note by adding a music and dance to your graduation! Let Inside Broadway design a fun and exciting celebration for your graduates that celebrates who they are. Working with our teaching artist and musical director, students learn choreographed vocal numbers and write poems and speeches to dazzle parents on this special day.

Recommended for grades K-12, D-75 and Multi Lingual Learners

Students with The End SignStudies have shown that including arts education in the curriculum is a proven way to engage students who may not otherwise be engaged by traditional classroom techniques. These students often thrive when there is an arts education presence in the classroom and strong evidence suggests that sustained involvement in the arts is highly correlated with success in math and language arts.

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